M.O.M. Newsletter #1 & the True Tale of Mr. Piano

Greetings M.O.M. friends & fans!

Wondering what’s up with M.O.M. movie? Welcome to our first newsletter! We’ve been busy editing the first cut and boy are you in for a ride…

Biz Scoop:

After publishing our trailer on Mother’s Day, we were contacted by several Independent Film Sales Companies who want to rep the film. We’ve been taking lots of meetings and plan to make a decision about which company is the best fit for M.O.M. in early October. 

Screenings Scoop:

We’ve hosted a few private screenings to get some objective feedback from folks who don’t know much about the film and their input has been invaluable. Here are a few of the quotes people filled out from the anonymous questionnaires:

Quote 1: “Intense! It drew me in immediately and kept me there the whole time. Never had a moment to breathe or relax, which was a GOOD thing!”

Quote 2: “Brilliant and extraordinary performances. My take-away from the film is that it’s about an almost inseparable heritage of violence- riveting, haunting!”

Quote 3: “That low-tone sound element throughout is awesome, a visceral cue, really trips our fear wires.”

Quote 4: “I mean, scary AF, left me feeling disturbed but THINKING. That makes it a success in my book. But seriously, what the hell is wrong with you, Tucia Lyman?!”

Snapshots from the Private Screening of M.O.M

Festival Scoop:

We submitted our first cut to the Sundance Film Festival last week and plan on submitting to several other festivals over the next month including South by Southwest, Tribeca, and Berlin! If one of these festivals picks up M.O.M. we’ll be premiering in style come early 2019!

Social Media Scoop:

Between Facebook and YouTube we have more than 25,000 views on our trailer and that’s all through organic word-of-mouth marketing! Since festivals and distributors will likely be checking out our social media presence please make sure to join us here:

Facebook: @M.O.M.movie

Instagram: m.o.m.movieMothers of Monsters

Twitter: @MomsOfMonsters

Behind the Scenes Anecdote: “The True Tale of Mr. Piano”

Notice that old piano in our movie trailer? Let us tell you the story behind “Mr. Piano”…

So, the Director asked to have that old piano moved out of the house before principal photography commenced because, well, because it was never part of the story and was never written into the original script. The film is shot with mostly spy cams so everything in the house appears on camera and that piano stuck out like a sore thumb. Why would this family have a piano if no one played it?  

The Art Department attempted to move the piano. They discovered it was a very heavy piano. So, the Art Department, the Producers, the Director, the Assistant Director, and the Director of Photography attempted to move the piano. They managed to nudge it from one side of the living room to the other before they realized they would never, ever, get it through the door frame and out of the house. “Maybe we could incorporate it into the story somehow,” suggested the oh-so-very-solution-oriented producer, Elaine White.  “Do we have an ax?” replied the Director. “We can get an ax,” suggested the Art Department. As it turns out, the owner of the house, consequently the owner of Mr. Piano, was not particularly fond of the idea of hacking up the piano into wee little transportable pieces so we would simply have to come up with a more reasonable plan.

Mr. Piano sat in the living room with a smug little piano-key smile on its face for three long months while the team transformed the house around it, painted the walls around it, designed the story boards around it, and began our first tech rehearsals around it.  Every once in a while, the Director would say something like, “That piano’s in every shot! Someone’s still coming up with a plan to get that damn thing out of the house, right?” Yes, yes, of course someone was. Someone.  

Then, on the day of our first full cast rehearsal on set something miraculous happened.  As all the departments were bustling around making last minute adjustments, the Producer made an unusual announcement over the Walkie Talkies. “Everyone stop doing what you’re doing for a minute and listen.” We all stopped doing what we were doing and listened. From the living room came a symphony of classical music, a perfectly out-of-tune, perfectly haunting, perfect composition piece for the movie. There, sitting on the piano bench, was Bailey Edwards (playing teenage Jacob), pounding out a Beethoven masterpiece on, none other than, Mr. Piano. 

By the next day, Mr. Piano was written into three scenes and has become one of the staple props of the film. And as far as we know, he is still sitting in that living room waiting for his next big break.

Mr Piano

Mr Piano

M.O.M. in the Press:

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Tip of the Day:

Just do it! No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.

“Rising Star” Shout Out of the Day:

Stop Motion LEGO movie of the Bitfrost Bridge Battle by the very talented Will Kostick:


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