TUCIA LYMAN - Director 

Tucia Lyman launched her writing & directing career in unscripted television more than fifteen years ago and has produced shows for major networks including the Discovery Channel, TLC, Destination America, National Geographic, the A&E Network, Spike TV, Syfy, Discovery Health, Planet Green, and the Travel Channel.   She was the Showrunner for Adrian Grenier’s “Alter Eco” series (2008), Syfy’s hit show “Fact or Faked” (2010), and Joaquin Phoenix’s project titled “Big Shot” (2011).  Since then, Tucia has been a Showrunner and Executive Producer for multiple television shows including the first two seasons of the popular “Ghosts of Shepherdstown" series for Destination America.  Her success in the horror/thriller genre inspired her to write her first screenplay titled “Halfbreed,” which was one of the 2016 winners of the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards in the horror category.  "M.O.M." is Tucia's second screenplay and first directing debut.



Emmy-nominated Elaine White has been a dynamo in the TV and Film industry for over 10 years, propelled by high accolades from the Emmy Foundation directly out of film school. She has been on the fast track, producing shows for many major networks ranging from Food Network and Travel Channel to SyFy and Discovery.  Elaine was the Co-Executive Producer and Director of the second season of Destination America’s hit show, Ghosts of Shepherdstown (2017). Prior to that, she was the Producer / Director of SyFy’s Haunted Highway (2014), featuring Jack Osbourne, and Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files (2010). Elaine was recently the Director and Co-Executive Producer of Food Network’s Dinner at Tiffani’s (2016), Director of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen (2017) and Co-Executive Producer of Valerie’s Home Cooking (2017). Elaine is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Having developed a close working relationship with Writer / Director, Tucia Lyman, Elaine jumped at the opportunity to partner up and bring M.O.M. to the big screen, which was right up her alley, given her involvement with many paranormal shows that feature the found footage style of storytelling.



Austin Porter has lived and breathed the entertainment industry for the past 15 years. Austin is most known for SyFy’s hit series Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, which he is the Co-Host of, helped develop and has now aired in 17 different countries.  Austin first garnered a relationship with Writer / Director, Tucia Lyman, and Producer, Elaine White, while filming Fact or Faked. He went on to become the Director of Development and Producer for Schweet Entertainment. While there he helped develop, pitch and produce multiple projects for many of the top television networks ranging from BRAVO to History Channel and Esquire to MTV. Porter recently spent time in the field as one of the Producers of Truck Night In America (2017) for History Channel and Destination America’s hit show, Ghost of Shepherdstown (2017). Porter also holds many accolades in sales and marketing. 

Executive Producer - PJ King

Director of Photography / Audio - Matt Paulsen

Production Manager - Jessamyn Cuneo

Assistant Director - Lili Peper

Script Supervisor - Lauren McCollum

Art Director - Deboriah Dupree

Art Assist - Dan Lavitt

Costume Designer - Jessica Fuller

Makeup Artist - Renae Goodhew

Set AC / PA - Rob Lucas

Post Producer - Efren Padilla

Assistant Editor - Anthony Echegoyen

Publicity - True Public Relations