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Elaine White has been a dynamo in the TV and Film industry for over 10 years, propelled by high accolades from the Emmy Foundation directly out of film school. She has been on the fast track, producing shows for many major networks ranging from Food Network and Travel Channel to SyFy and Discovery.  Elaine was the Co-Executive Producer and Director of the second season of Destination America’s hit show, Ghosts of Shepherdstown (2017). Prior to that, she was the Producer / Director of SyFy’s Haunted Highway (2014), featuring Jack Osbourne, and Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files (2010). Elaine was recently the Director and Co-Executive Producer of Food Network’s Dinner at Tiffani’s (2016), Director of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen (2017) and Co-Executive Producer of Valerie’s Home Cooking (2017). Elaine is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Having developed a close working relationship with Writer / Director, Tucia Lyman, Elaine jumped at the opportunity to partner up and bring M.O.M. to the big screen, which was right up her alley, given her involvement with many paranormal shows that feature the found footage style of storytelling.